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See common questions about MTN HLTH below on how to get started, more about hormone therapy, medical weight loss, and how we can help you reach your health goals.

Getting Started with MTN HLTH

How can I get started with MTN HLTH services?

Click here to fill out the contact form and hit submit. Within 24 hours, one of our patient liaisons will reach out to you. Most initial questions can be answered during this time. From there, you can sign up through our portal to begin ordering labs then to meet with a provider to have a comprehensive evaluation to discuss a treatment plan for you.

How do I schedule my Comprehensive Consultation?

You may schedule your comprehensive consultation 7 days after the day you get your blood drawn at the lab. This can be done by registering in the client portal or logging in if you already have an account. Once logged in to the client portal, click on “My Appointments”. You can also text or call us at (801) 823-4158 and we'll help you get you scheduled.

How long is the Comprehensive Consultation?

The initial consultation is 60 minutes long. We’ll take time to walk through your lab results and discuss a treatment plan to help optimize your hormones and get your health back. Make sure to set up an account through our client portal. You can do that by clicking here

Can I use my HSA card to pay for labs or treatment?

Yes! You can pay for your initial labs or treatment through an HSA (Health Savings Account) card.

How much do labs cost?

The cost of your initial labs, if purchased through MTN HLTH, is $399 which includes the cost of the Comprehensive Evaluation with a provider. After this initial consultation, clients can choose to follow through with the outlined treatment plan through a membership plan. The tiered membership plans are assigned based on need and start at $249/month. Labs alone can be billed separately using insurance, however we have seen most insurance plans do not cover this comprehensive lab panel and often pateints can be stuck with a bill as high as $1,200.

Do you take insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance. Our overarching goal is to partner with you in your health. When insurance companies pay for care, they dictate how long we can visit with you, how many visits you receive, and the treatment you receive. We want to treat you as an individual with the unique frequency and treatments that will yield the best results for you.  

Can I use insurance for my labs?

You may choose to use insurance for all of your labs. Clients are responsible for contacting their insurance company prior to lab work to inquire about costs. Please note that labs can cost as much as $1,200. We suggest that you check with your insurance before proceeding.

Are the medications included in my membership fee?

Prescriptions are not included in the membership fee as doses vary from person to person. Medication costs will be discussed when determining the optimal dose for you throughout treatment.

What if I live in Utah, but I don’t live near your clinic?

We offer video consultations for any and all of our services.

What if I don’t live in Utah?

The initial consultation, lab review, and customized treatment plan may be completed via a Telehealth video visit. However, we require an in-person visit be completed before beginning treatment. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. We hate to see you go and will provide every effort to find a treatment plan that’s right for you. If you would like to cancel, simply send us a written notice 30 days prior to your next billing date, and we will process your cancellation. 

Why is your clinic different?

We focus on wellness rather than illness. Because we view this as a partnership rather than your typical doctor-patient relationship, we treat you and coach you based on your needs. Our goal is to improve quality of life now and prevent chronic disease in the future. 

How does your clinic decide what patients to accept?

MTN HLTH is value driven, not volume driven. We want to help our clients to feel better, and this is best achieved when you take responsibility for your health. This is done by following our recommendations and seeking out other ways that you can be healthier and feel better. 

Can you prescribe across state lines?

State law requires that we see out-of-state clients in person at least once before prescribing medications. After the in-person visit, all other visits can be completed via telehealth services.

Can we meet in person or through telehealth?

We can meet in person, talk on the phone, or meet through a telehealth video visit. 

Can I communicate with the clinician in between appointments?

Yes. If you are participating in a membership plan, we include concierge medicine as part of that plan. We utilize a HIPAA-secure app called Spruce to provide our clients the ability to text the provider as much as they want while still maintaining privacy. You may also ask to set up a time to talk with the provider on the phone or through a telehealth video visit, or in person at our clinic if necessary.

Hormone Optimization

What dose of each hormone do you prescribe?

Each client is treated with doses that are unique to their health needs. It is important that you choose a provider who specializes in hormone therapy with the evidence to support their treatment decisions. Dosing and reasoning will be discussed with each person prior to medication orders.

Do you send my hormones to my regular pharmacy?

Most hormones can be sent to any retail pharmacy. In some cases, they will need to be ordered from a  compounding pharmacy. This depends on availability, dose, and treatment response.

What states are you licensed in?

We are currently only licensed in Utah. However, if an in-person visit is completed, we can continue all subsequent visits via Telehealth for clients in other states. We are looking to provide service for medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy in Idaho and Wyoming soon.

What kind of pharmacy do you use for compounded hormones?

We use specialized compounding pharmacies that produce high quality bioidentical hormones. Using poor quality hormones will never yield the results you’re looking for or raise blood levels enough to have a significant impact.

What if I want to skip the free consultation and get my blood work done?

We require that every new client speak to our Client liaison first so that we know which labs to order. You may text or call us at (801) 823-4158 to get started. 

When should I expect to feel better?

Most patients notice a change within 3-6 months; however, we focus on long term sustainable health goals. Every client has unique needs and treatment responses, so our goal is to make treatment as comprehensive as possible to help optimize your health. 

What can I do to get better sleep and have more energy while I wait for labs to come back and before starting a treatment plan?

You can begin eliminating processed food from your diet and begin consuming nutrient-dense foods. If you’re not already, begin doing some form of exercise every morning; this can be as simple as going for a walk! As we balance the hormones, you can begin to utilize “lifestyle” planning to gain precise insights into your fitness and nutrition as well.

How soon can I get started after we review my lab results?

As soon as you want! We require the applicable clinic agreement/consent be signed before ordering any medications. 

How long does it take to receive the compounded hormones after they’re prescribed?

Because the compounding pharmacy makes them from scratch, it can take up to 3 business days to receive, process, and ship the order. Shipping time is usually 1-2 days in Utah, and 3-5 days outside of Utah.

What’s the cost to do hormones ongoing?

We tailored our membership plans to enable us to provide high quality ongoing long-term care. The membership plan provides MTN HLTH the ability to continually partner with you on your health journey. As life circumstances change, as you age, and as you adjust your health goals, we will be there to help you be healthy and maintain a great quality of life so you can continue to do what you enjoy.

How long will it take to feel the difference when taking hormones or testosterone?

As a general rule, you will feel some changes within 3-6 months. You may start to feel the effects of testosterone within 1-2 months. However, to completely optimize your hormones and find doses that are right for you as an individual, it can take up to 12 months. 

What lifestyle changes should I expect to make to help optimize my hormones?

Hormone replacement therapy works best when combined with good nutritional practices and lifestyle changes because poor health choices will negatively impact all the hormones in your body. Your provider will discuss the necessary changes with you. 

How do I get better sleep through optimizing my health?

Sleep is the foundation of health. All other health endeavors rest on the ability to get quality sleep. It is extremely important for energy levels and mental clarity. It is also crucial for nutrition and how your body responds to food. Poor sleep habits will negatively impact all areas of your health and body systems. Decreasing processed foods, moving more, and balancing your hormones will dramatically improve your sleep. 

Can I get more energy through taking hormones?

Yes. Each of the hormones play a key role in increasing your energy levels. You can increase your energy even more through proper nutrition and exercise. However, it is paramount that you practice good nutrition, move frequently, and strive to sleep better. Hormone replacement therapy will assist you in this process, but the hormones cannot replace an unhealthy lifestyle.

Medical Weight Loss

How do I get started on medical weight loss?

Labs are required before beginning any therapies at MTN HLTH. To get started, click here or go to mtnhlth.com/schedule.

What lifestyle changes should I expect to make in order to optimize my weight loss?

Medical weight loss works best with good nutritional habits and lifestyle changes. We also offer metabolic testing through PNOĒ metabolic analysis and health assessment. Nutrition, lifestyle habits, and hormone replacement therapy will help you maintain lasting results.

PNOE Metabolic Testing

What is PNOĒ testing?

At MTN HLTH, we offer PNOĒ metabolic testing that helps you understand the flow of O2 and CO2 in your body and how this impacts your heart, lungs, and every metabolic process in your body. This is done through a clinical-grade active and resting assessment to identify how to best optimize your health and lifestyle. 

Can a PNOĒ test help me lose weight?

What prevents people from losing weight is a slow metabolism and poor fat burning ability. By analyzing how O2 and CO2 is flowing through your body, we can understand with precision how your metabolism is functioning and create a custom treatment plan based on your results. This helps you lose weight and also helps keep the weight off through knowing how your metabolism functions. 

How can PNOĒ help me improve my health and athletic performance?

When you train and workout, your performance depends on how well you utilize O2 and clear CO2. The PNOĒ helps us understand how your lungs, heart, and cells are all working together to further optimize the flow of O2 and CO2. PNOĒ helps identify which system could be holding you back, so that we can recommend a personalized program to overcome this limiting factor.  

How long does the PNOĒ test take and what do I need to do to prepare for it?

The test takes 20 minutes to complete and can be done at a gym with our team. We’ll be testing resting metabolic rate and active metabolic rate, which each takes 10 minutes to complete. For the most accurate results, we advise fasting for 3 hours before, no smoking or coffee 3 hours before, and no intense activity 24 hours before the test.