Learn more about the MTN HLTH Trailmap

At MTN HLTH, our approach is to follow a calculated path to help our clients reach their health goals that include weight loss, increasing energy, optimizing sleep and stress.

If you were to go on an extended trip, you'd take time to make a plan and follow a route. You'd rarely just hop in the car and start driving without any directions, plans for duration, or details of the journey.

Our approach is to follow the MTN HLTH Trailmap to help you reach success with your provider. We pride ourselves in following the right protocol customized to each individual. Learn more about our process below and when you're ready to get started, schedule a free 15-min consultation below.

Initial Contact

During this initial contact, you'll meet with our client liason so we can learn more about your goals, answer your questions, and begin to make a plan to gather the necessary data to begin your health journey.


Just as you would prepare for a long hike with a map and compass, we need to understand where you currently are. Through a full lab panel, a client questionnaire, and registering in our portal we will have the necessary information to prepare a custom treatment plan and begin the path to renewed health.


With a provider, they will walk you through a comprehensive review of your lab work and identify the most effective 'agents of change' to help reach your goals. We'll review the 4 major lifestyle pillars; nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress.

First Check point

3-4 months after working your treatment plan, we'll assess how you're making progress with your health goals and discuss the lifestyle changes. This is an important step to offer support, encouragement, and further fine tune medications

Second Check point

In 6 months after starting treatment, you'll meet with the provider to continue to discuss symptons and what lifestyle changes are still needed. At this point, we'll also perform a metabolic test called PNOE to gain more data and understanding of your health to continue to reach your goals.

Third Check point

In 9-10 months after starting your journey, we'll meet again to review your progress and address optimizing sleep hygiene and stress management in detail.

Annual Check point

At the annual check point, we'll review labs and a lipid panel as needed to assess your new baseline and identify key data points that have improved over the last year. We'll continue to optimize nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management while creating new health goals.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free 15-min consultation below and our team will be in touch to discuss your heatlh goals and how to begin your journey.